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Booking Terms & Conditions


Booking forms:

Please send forms as soon as possible. You are advised to check availability with David Weinstock (07773 849747). Your booking will not be accepted until a booking form has been received.


Cancellation and no show:

If you have to cancel, please let David know as early as possible. At the discretion of Sailing Therapy a handling charge of £10 per place may need to be paid.



We understand that under some circumstances, you may need to postpone your booking. We will transfer your booking to an alternative date where possible.


Medical status:

We provide a service for people that have many different medical conditions and while this is not necessarily a restriction on your activities with us we ask that you give an outline of relevant medical problem, e.g. epilepsy, heart condition etc, so that we can ensure adequate provision is made.



We allow for one escort per service user. If more than one is required please contact David Weinstock. There may be an additional cost. The application forms are intended to give details of the service users. if there is any information we should have for the escorts then please notify us.



There are basic galley facilities available for the provision of hot and cold drinks but we do not provide meals.



Fees are charged in two ways: -

Charge per boat allows you to book the boat for the day with space for up to 5 disabled people and 5 escorts.

Charge per place allows you to book one disabled place on the boat. This is only suitable if you are happy to share the boat with other users. We will endeavour to arrange bookings of similar disabilities.

There is no additional charge for escorts and unless special arrangements are made with Sailing Therapy there is space for one escort only for each disabled place.

Cheques to be made payable to 'Sailing Therapy C.I.C.'



Sailing Therapy will provide suitable crew. We do not provide bare boat charters.

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