Rebecca Anne is a 6 metre long catamaran which has capacity for five service users, each with their own carer and two crew. She was constructed by and is powered by two 8hp Tohatsu outboard engines.
It is a pontoon style boat which means it has two hulls connected by a flat platform.This means all of the boat is wheel chair accessible and delivers a stable ride.
Rebecca Anne has a canopy which covers 2/3rds of the deck so shelter is available from the sun or rain. There is a small galley (kitchen) on board as well as heads (a toilet) and a change area. 
We are cruising in the following areas:
Chichester Harbour - Lots of small inlets and rivers to explore, East Head beach which is sandy and lots of wildlife including the occasional seal.
Langstone Harbour - Home to several sailing clubs so there is usually some dinghy racing to watch. There is also a water skiing area and the remains of a broken Phoenix breakwater, part of the Mulberry harbours.
Portsmouth Harbour - Home of the British Navy and many historic buildings.

“We're a small and growing social enterprise. We look forward to meeting you and providing an enjoyable day that will provide new and exciting expericences for all! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

David Weinstock, Secretary